5 Ways to Love Water on World Water Day


Happy World Water Day!


5 Ways to Love Water


1.  Say thank you every time you turn on your faucet to fill your glass or take a shower.  Aren’t we so blessed?!

2.  But filter what you drink, especially if your city thinks it’s awesome to add fluoride to it (It’s not.  Among many health hazards it causes, it disrupts your endocrine system, which includes the thyroid).  For more information, check out  http://fluoridealert.org/articles/fluoride-facts/

Unfortunately, Brita pitchers don’t filter out fluoride, but this pitcher does:  https://www.friendsofwater.com/product/fluoride-filter-pitcher-plus/

If you don’t have fluoride in your city water, the Brita filter pitchers are fine – they do a great job.

3.  Squeeze some lemon juice into your glass of water every morning – it makes your liver very happy (a gentle detox aid).

4.  Aim for 8 glasses of water daily.  Keep hydrated!  It makes every system in your body run better.

5.  Take an Epsom salt bath to ease achy muscles, speed recovery of illness, or as an energy healing session to rinse off the day’s stress or any energetic gunk from others you may have inadvertently picked up.

And a wonderful bonus way to really show water some love…

Join the Global Prayer and Blessing for Water with Standing Rock and other world water protectors, tomorrow night, Wednesday, March 22nd at 5pm PST.  It’s a free online event and you can check it out here: http://blessthewater.com



p.s.  Keep up the good work 🙂

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