How Giving Helps Your Thyroid

November 26, 2017 As some of us move into a season where giving presents may be happening, which can come with complicated feelings, I wanted to share a practice that I sometimes recommend to my patients with chronic health issues:  29 Gifts. The idea is to get out of our heads and practice generosity every […]

Tips to better handle sugar this season for optimal thyroid health

November 19, 2017 As we enter into a time of increased temptations of yumminess, I’d like to offer some tips and resources to help you to keep excess sugar cravings at bay, and how to avoid the energy crashes, the fatigue and even the weight gain.   1.  Eat 3 healthy meals each day, with […]

The simple yet profound exercise that changes everything for your thyroid health

  Have you ever had one of those days or weeks when things just don’t seem to be going your way?   I had a week like that, with big car worries (one of my personal top 3 stressors) which lowered my immune system enough to catch the virus going around, which led to days […]

Lotions & Potions to Help You Sleep: Part 5 in Thyroid-Sleep Series

Here we finally are at Part 5 of my series on sleep  – and it’s the best part…the one you’ve all been asking for – the sleep aids! Teas, oils, supplements and more.  Read on to find some great options to try tonight.   Tea A simple remedy is to brew a cup of really […]

Sleep and thyroid health, part 4: food, booze and other sleep-affecting habits

October 22, 2017 There’s a lot going on in the world right now.  How has your sleep been lately?  Which tips that I’ve recently shared (why sleep matters for health,  embracing the dark, wind-down routines) have been working for you?   Today I’m sharing some food and beverage tips, and more…   Helpful habits for […]

Sleep for thyroid health, part 3: wind-down routines

(This is part 3 of my series on sleep.  Click here for part 1:  why it matters for your health, and part 2:  embracing the dark.)   Establish a sleep-enhancing wind-down routine   Make the decision to make sleep a priority for yourself.  It will really make a difference in your health and energy. Start […]

Sleep for thyroid health, part 2: Be like a vampire & embrace the dark

October 8, 2017 I’m back this week to continue the conversation about sleep. It’s such a crucial part of feeling healthy, and something that a lot of people disregard in our culture of getting SO MUCH DONE.  Here’s part one, about why sleep matters, in case you missed it. If you find that you aren’t […]

The Big Sleep, Part 1: why it matters for thyroid health

How’s your sleep? Are you one of the fortunate ones with really good sleep?  Or are you one of the many who sometimes struggle during the night? Sleep is such an important part of our health and it’s a big topic, so this is part one of a two-part article.  Next week I’ll share tips […]

5 Ways To Bring Peace Into Your Life

September 21, 2017 It’s International Day of Peace and couldn’t we use a ton more peace in the world right now? I thought I’d share 5 ways to cultivate more peace within, in order to create a more peaceful world around us. 1.  Meditation There is so much going on in ours lives every day […]

5 Ways to Love Water on World Water Day

  Happy World Water Day!   5 Ways to Love Water   1.  Say thank you every time you turn on your faucet to fill your glass or take a shower.  Aren’t we so blessed?! 2.  But filter what you drink, especially if your city thinks it’s awesome to add fluoride to it (It’s not.  Among […]