Peace In A Bottle  Hemp/CBD oil

I’m so impressed by the benefits I’ve seen, in myself and others, from hemp oil and CBD, especially to relax overwrought nervous systems (and promote peace in the body!).   This is a non-psychoactive product made from the hemp/cannabis plant. It’s classified as a nutritional supplement and does not make you high.

I’ve been using it for the past few months and have been experiencing a deeper sense of well-being, calm, and even more open-heartedness.  I also feel stronger (it improves immune system functioning) and have more energy.

Others have noticed better sleep, less pain, reduced inflammation, less nausea and other side effects from cancer treatment, more focus and improved mood.  It’s even used for pets and can be found at the pet store. CBD/Hemp’s main function is to promote homeostasis in the body – basically it goes where you need it, which is why the benefits are so wide-ranging.

There are a lot of CBD brands/options out there to choose from, and many different ways to use it (topical, pills, tinctures, oils, patches, food, vapor).   It can be pricey, so it’s important to choose a brand that is highly absorbable, so that you get your money’s worth, and so that you can feel it working.

Here is the one I’m using myself and with my patients – the most absorbable product on the market right now.  If you live in Santa Cruz or Palo Alto, I can hand-deliver it to you.


Essential oil blends – I recently found this company and I love it so much.  They make blends that focus on specific health issues from a functional medicine standpoint, and on emotional issues in illness. Perfect for my practice!

  • Sleep It can be used topically or just by inhaling at bedtime
  • Other therapeutic blends – for stress, blood sugar balancing, adrenal and nervous system balancing, digestive support, pain relief and more.