avatarColleen Burke is the first professional I call when I’m feeling out of sorts or in pain emotionally or physically.  She uniquely combines three healing gifts:  intuitive empathy, a relentless integrity about diagnosis, and rigorous training in both Eastern medicine and energy healing.  I instantly feel better after a session with her. Because she quickly identifies and removes energetic blocks to my balance and recalibrates my body’s immune system so it can heal itself in a sustained way.

Elsie Maio, Humanity Inc., New York, NY
avatarMy alchemical aromatherapy session with Colleen was magical and transformative from beginning to end. I loved being asked to sit in the feeling and energy of the life I'm wanting to live, and then to behold the oils that she was intuitively guided to choose for me while in that space. And her explanation/interpretation of each oil's properties gave me deep insight into my journey, and how to better navigate the path ahead. Then the actual blend was AMAZING! More than talking about, or counseling, the scent of these plant's essences brought me immediately into a deep, physical sense of support and guidance from the elemental realm. The blend instantly brings me to the core of who I am and where I'm needing to go in my life, and magically brings forth manifestation in the physical realm of what I'm wanting. I use the blend several times a day like medicine, because that truly is what it is: good medicine! Thank you, Colleen, for being the midwife in birthing these sweet healing aromatherapy gifts to the world.

Jennifer Bloomer, singer/songwriter, Santa Cruz, CA
avatarI have had the most wonderful healing while working with Colleen!  Her methods are so intuitive and really get to the root of the problems--no band-aid fixes here!  I was able to clear a parasite problem easily and without discomfort.  I love how her recommendations quickly solve the issue so that I can move on in my life.  Thank you, Colleen.

Coco O'Donnell, RPh, CPCC, San Francisco, CA
Colleen is an experienced and effective practitioner. Her healing work is unique, comprehensive, and  addresses aspects of illness and wellness that are ordinarily missed. She is a stand-alone in her field.

Hannah Quinn, D.O.M., Santa Fe, NM
Colleen Burke is an amazing healer. I have been working with her for several years now, peeling away the onion.  I have experienced deeper and deeper healing as time has progressed.  Today after our session,  I immediately felt the pain subside and had more energy.  There is no one like her. It has been quite a journey.

Valerie Brown, Los Angeles, CA
I wanted to thank you SO VERY MUCH for my oil blend.  It is incredible, and I cannot get enough of it.  It has opened an even deeper way of connection for me.   It is so deeply healing and transformative.  What a powerful and sacred ritual.  It seems that as soon as I received the oil, the ancient cellular memory came alive, and I knew just what to do with it.  Thank you for what you do.

Linda Baker, Meadow Vista, CA
Frustration with not being able to do what I wanted to do at work was keeping me from sleeping well. After one aroma therapy session with Colleen my sleep started to slowly improve. After two weeks of using the blend twice a day, not only did my sleep drastically improve, but an opportunity opened up at my job and I’m now doing exactly what I want to be doing at this moment. I’ve gone back to Colleen for subsequent blends.

Jaime DeGuzman, L.Ac
Colleen Burke's unique healing modality supported by her vast knowledge of herbs, aromatherapy, supplements, and homeopathy is my first choice in healing any dis-ease.  Her work goes right to the cause of the problem and her sensitivity and intuition inspires trust and perfect health.  I recommend Colleen to everyone who believes in the importance of holistic treatment.

Genie Valen, Amazing Transformations, Santa Fe, NM
I am so lucky to have Colleen Burke in my life! She's able to get to the bottom of and help me heal any issue I've come up with, while conventional medicine doctors just take guesses or cover them up with something temporary. Her approach is warm and friendly. I feel Colleen really cares about me and does the very best to get me well. Her technique is amazing! Our sessions together have not only been life changing but mindblowing!  I look forward to our sessions because I know Colleen will have the answers no one else can seem to find. Whenever something's not right with my or my family's health I always say "I'll call Colleen. She'll know what to do!"

Besides me and my husband, she's worked with my 5 year old daughter many times as well. She had a very stubborn asthma like cough that even the "specialists" couldn't figure out. They tried this medication and that, this treatment and that to no results. One session with Colleen and together we found out she had a simple food allergy that was easily solved and to this day the cough, which plagued her her whole life, is gone! Amazing! I will continue to use Colleen Burke for as long as she's in practice. She is the first call I make when I need help with my health.

Jennifer A. Cohen, Sedona, AZ
Colleen is the second acupuncturist I've been to and the difference is remarkable.  I think one of her greatest talents, aside from acupuncture, is her intuition.  With a few minutes' conversation she can pick up on what you're trying to communicate and help you get there via needle placement, aromatherapy and some well thought out questions or statements.  She's much more than an acupuncturist - she's a magician really.

Leslie, San Jose, CA