Santa Cruz, CA

Functional Medicine* & Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Services at

Santa Cruz Wellness Center

501 Mission St.  Suite 5 Santa Cruz, CA  95060


  • Initial Functional Medicine Consultation  (full health history, lab work review, personalized protocol with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.  Up to 90 minutes; in person or via phone; does not include blood tests**):  $300


  • Follow-up Functional Medicine Consultation (review of progress, fine-tuning your protocol; 30 minutes; in person or via phone):  $100


  • Add-on Acupuncture treatment to above FM consults during same office visit:  $75


  • Initial Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Consultation with Treatment (90 minutes):  $180


  • Follow-up Acupuncture Treatment (60 minutes):  $125


*What is “Functional Medicine”?  In a nutshell, it’s a combination of Western diagnostic testing and natural medicine.   It looks at how all systems of the body function together for optimal health, not just isolated body parts, and seeks to discover root causes of illness, which  Traditional Chinese Medicine does as well.

Often patients that feel unwell can have “normal” test results.  This is where functional medicine steps in – even if illness is not diagnosed – with a fine-toothed comb to examine hormone balance, thyroid and adrenal health, blood sugar handling, anemia tendencies, digestive function and absorption, hidden infections, inflammation and more.   It’s an excellent tool for addressing overt and subclinical issues, as well as preventing illness in the first place.  Some of the tests I run include thorough blood panels, stool tests, and food sensitivity tests, but there are many others.  My approach is to start with the basics (thorough blood panels) and add in others only when necessary.

**If you need current blood tests, I offer patients an excellent and extremely thorough panel at my cost (currently $206).  They are easily done at your local LabCorp facility (but are not available in NY, NJ or RI).  This can save you hundreds of dollars off retail, and includes many tests your physician may not perform.


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