ownerGetting to the root of what ails you so you can return to your happy, healthy self

You Can Feel Better, Have More Energy and Pursue Your Dreams

Dear Spiritual Change-maker, Healing Practitioner or Conscious Entrepreneur,

Do you have a health issue that’s holding you back?

Do you…

  • Have chronic or unexplained illness that keeps you from truly thriving?
  • Have mysterious symptoms that no one can figure out?
  • Find yourself getting sick every time you move toward what you want in life?
  • Wish you had more energy to build your business and achieve the success you deserve?
  • Know you have so much to offer the world but you’re just not quite getting it done?
  • Just really craving some TLC and balance for yourself so you can pursue your dreams?

I believe illness is a wake up call from our inner self that all is not well and that something has to shift! Being sick or depressed or stuck can temporarily (and very unsatisfactorily, I might add) fulfill a need that we have, but it will persist until the real issue is addressed.

This is what I call Lovesickness – how our physical and emotional health problems are tied to our deep human need for love, any kind of love, even for doing what we love.

Everyone’s core wounds around love – not enough love, smothering love, abusive or manipulative love, lost love, conditional love – are different, as are the ways these wounds can manifest in our bodies or lives.  It becomes your own version of lovesickness, whether it’s physical or emotional or spiritual or all of these.

How this might look for you is chronic illness, strange illnesses, lack of energy, relationship problems, feeling stuck in your business or life, hormone imbalances, chemical sensitivities, or constant grief, anger or confusion. A lot of it goes back to what’s going on in your inner world.

However this is manifesting for you, I can help.

Not only do I physically help the body where it is now, but at the same time, I go deeper to find what is really at the root of this lovesickness, so that you can have and do and be as much as you want in this life. I truly want this for you!

Want to learn more about how I can help?  Schedule a complimentary 20-minute “Is This Lovesickness?” consultation to talk about your health issues and get a plan for feeling immediate relief.  Or be sure to sign up on the right for my complimentary report “10 Illness Culprits I Can Find in Your Body & 5 Ways to Feel Better Now.” If there’s a glimmer of hope that you can feel better than you do right now, I can help. Here’s to your health,