Tips to better handle sugar this season for optimal thyroid health

November 19, 2017

As we enter into a time of increased temptations of yumminess, I’d like to offer some tips and resources to help you to keep excess sugar cravings at bay, and how to avoid the energy crashes, the fatigue and even the weight gain.


1.  Eat 3 healthy meals each day, with snacks if needed.  Don’t let yourself get too hungry – that’s when we can overindulge.


2.  Eat protein with each meal to cut cravings and keep your blood sugar stable.


3.  Avoid “fat-free” products – they’re loaded with sugar.


4.  In fact, eat plenty of healthy fats, like olive oil, coconut oil, avocados and butter (if you tolerate dairy) with every meal.


5.  Realize that “healthy” sugars like honey and maple syrup may have a tiny bit more nutrition in them, but the body treats them the same as white sugar, so limit these too.


6.  Avoid dried fruit if your cravings are high or your blood sugar doesn’t feel stable – it’s way too much sugar all at once.


7.  Reduce caffeine intake – it contributes to swings in your blood sugar which can increase cravings.


8.  Get enough sleep.  When we’re tired we reach for sugary pick-me-ups.  Don’t get so depleted that you try to fill your “cup” with sugar to feel better.  Increase self-care at this time.


9.  Keep the glycemic index in mind and avoid those very high on the scale:  pasta, white rice, white flour products, potatoes.  These are quickly converted into sugar which causes insulin to spike.  “Avoid the Whites”.


10.  Practice moderation.  Have the occasional celebratory treat.


11.  Manage stress with meditation, a couple minutes of deep breathing, daily exercise, daily nature time and acupuncture.


Supplements & Herbs that help:


1.  Gymnema, aka “the sugar destroyer”.  The liquid version has an incredible function to literally make sweet things taste unpleasant for up to 3 hours after dosing.  It also reduces the appetite.  The tablet form is helpful to reduce cravings and help the body to better process sugars.  (I love the Mediherb/Standard Process brand, available only through practitioners.  If you’re already a patient and would like some, let me know.  Otherwise, check out the resource below.)  Use with caution if you’re a fragile diabetic.


2.  Chromium picolinate

3.  Garlic

4.  Magnesium

5.  B Complex Vitamins


Here’s a great high-quality online dispensary I use.  As a member of my community I give you a 10% site-wide discount and shipping is free for orders of $49 or more.  


Essential oil blends – I recently found this company and I love it so much.  They make blends that focus on specific health issues from a functional medicine standpoint, and on emotional issues in illness. Perfect for my practice!




To enjoying the sweetness of life,


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